Fondue party

What to bring as supplies, or to gift the host:

  • Small ladle – there’s a long handled one at Tap Phong; unfortunately, the gravy ladle with spout(s) is over-the-top in price anywhere
  • Heat-resistant small bowls for individual servings – to reduce hovering over the fondue pot, plus you’ll impress the company
  • Gruyere shredded-mix, if you can spare some hundreds 
  • Pretzels, soft and cut into bite-sized pieces – don’t know where to get these cheap on town – know any?
  • Toothpicks; when using individual melted cheese serving pots 
  • Stand out by bringing vegan and/or gluten-free treats and envourage guests to do so as well


I don’t know why this tweet made me think of the following: How the word ‘Sharing” is abhorrent!  When used in the context of …by ableist bigots when they can encroach on the limited-resources designed specifically for the use of persons with disabilities, thereby leaving the ones who need the resource without it.  #YesAllBigots

That is not what Equal Rights means: it does not give the non-disabled the right to use the accessible computer desk, the “handicap” washroom or parking spot, at the expense of the person with a disability.





I kept the title humble so as to contrast it with the amazingness that was my morning’s treat:  iced-coffee-almond-milk premade product, about a quarter of an avocado, .8 of a date, some plain almond milk, and a tsp of grape-cranberry juice (unsweetened super sour). After I blended, I added hemp hearts and flax-meal and mixed by hand.  This baby could have used a banana. I liked that it was barely sweet, as the secret-ingredient coffee thingie is hardly sweet. So if you put banana,  don’t put the date. I’d even go very easy on the banana to reduce sweetness.

Wish I could live on this!

I wanted to add some watermelon (a naturally composite word, unlike the ones above), but I’ve been having bad luck with watermelon going on two years. It’s either overripe and rotting/ overly sweet/ dry, or underripe and tasteless.  And that after lugging it on the streetcar!


A Riff on Why Is This Matzo Different From All Other Matzos? – NYTimes.com


The author raises the question, ” why not do this type of farming all year long?” My guess is If people were to eat more of this at any time, demand would rise, production would become more strealined and prices would decrease.

My (childish) questions:
– Why not sell unsuitable flour to non observant customers?
-Why waste all that good fermented product ( see #1 above)


Asparagus cheapus

Now asparagus is $5 for 3 bunches; nonorganic
Apparently, it’s due to over-abundant supply.

So go buy and enjoy!

This message should have been brought to you by #AsparagusGrowers, but of course we know who they are: voiceless, disenfranchised migrant workers.

Not that the skyrocketing price of cauliflower means that the cauliflower producers are treated any better with dignity, job equity, fair pay, safety measures, or benefits…